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Ironically for podiatrists John and
Claude, both suffered from painful feet
and legs. Initially, they used the
standard skills they were trained with
and fitted themselves with foot orthotics.
In time, however, the orthotics simply
made the muscles in their feet lazy and
the relief slowly faded away, just as many
of their patients found. Surely, they
thought, there had to be an alternative to
the orthotics, drugs and painful surgery.

Hip Pain


Knee, hip pain and lower back pain can occur due to local structures in these areas being directly traumatised or damaged. However, if there is no history of trauma in these area and they are painful when weightbearing, it will be due to poor foot posture and mechanics. Alternative poor foot posture will aggravate the knees, hips and back thus causing pain.”

What causes Hip pain?

If your feet roll in (low arches) or roll out (high arches) due to poor foot posture (mis-aligned joints / subluxation) this will causes twisting around the knees, hips and lower back. Long term poor foot posture may affect the upper back and neck (refer to diagram below)

A mis-alignment of the bones of the feet (subluxation) will cause the knee joint to mis-align resulting in twisting around the knee. This will cause an imbalance in the muscle pull around the knee which will cause the knee cap to mal-track (patello-femoral syndrome) resulting in knee pain. The hips and lower back will also rotate out of alignment causing unnecessary stress and strain on the surrounding structures eventually resulting in pain. As one continues to function like this, progressive degeneration of the joints starts to set in.

How to fix painful Hips naturally

Taking a thorough history, assessing which structures around the area of pain are affected and assessing the mechanic of one’s feet and legs is vital to stop and prevent foot related knee, hip and lower back pain. By correcting the poor foot posture it will stop the abnormal rotational forces on the hip joint that is creating the inflammation and pain.

Many people see a General Practitioner, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath or Masseur for their hip pain, only to find that it is still present or has comes back again. This is because they have not addressed and corrected their body’s foundation – their poor foot posture.

Foot Posture Centre podiatrists are trained at identifying if your knee, hip and lower back pain is related to your foot mechanics. If you are suffering from persistent knee, hip and lower back pain make an appointment with our podiatrist to see if it is originating from your feet.

WARNING: This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional podiatric advice. Treatment will vary between individuals depending on the diagnosis and presenting complaint. An accurate diagnosis can only be made following personal consultation with a Podiatrist.

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