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Ironically for podiatrists John and
Claude, both suffered from painful feet
and legs. Initially, they used the
standard skills they were trained with
and fitted themselves with foot orthotics.
In time, however, the orthotics simply
made the muscles in their feet lazy and
the relief slowly faded away, just as many
of their patients found. Surely, they
thought, there had to be an alternative to
the orthotics, drugs and painful surgery.

Foot Mobilisation Therapy Melbourne

What is Foot Mobilisation?

Foot Mobilisation is a physical (manual) therapy commonly used by Physiotherapist, Osteopaths and Chiropractors. Foot Mobilisation is a gentle precise pressure used to move (mobilise) bones, reduce joint restrictions and improve bone alignment. When foot mobilisation is implemented using the ‘All Natural System’, it ensures that changes to one’s foot posture are long lasting and permanent. This will ultimately improve the bodies function and mobility.

Can poor foot posture cause foot pain?

Just like the wheels of your car wear uneven when the wheel alignment is out or the doors in your house jam when its foundations (stumps) are not aligned correctly, so too can your foot and body alignment be out when one has poor foot posture. Poor foot posture places unnatural loads on the joints, muscles and ligaments in your body causing PAIN. Refer to foot facts.

Foot Mobilisation Centre’s

Foot Posture Centre Melbourne podiatrists were the first centres in Victoria designed specifically to offer treatment to correct one’s foot posture without orthotics through foot mobilisation and corrective exercises. The technology and equipment used in these centres are state of the art. Refer to Our process and About us.

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Take your first step, call or email us today to arrange an appointment.


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