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Ironically for podiatrists John and
Claude, both suffered from painful feet
and legs. Initially, they used the
standard skills they were trained with
and fitted themselves with foot orthotics.
In time, however, the orthotics simply
made the muscles in their feet lazy and
the relief slowly faded away, just as many
of their patients found. Surely, they
thought, there had to be an alternative to
the orthotics, drugs and painful surgery.

Forest Hill Foot Posture Centre Podiatrists

When it comes to finding excellence, Box Hill podiatrist, Burwood podiatrist, and Blackburn podiatrist, the radically innovative duo of John Sfinas and Claude Tobgui are not your typical podiatrists.
It’s their break-away style of thinking that led to the development of a system of treatment that is profoundly different to conventional ideas about podiatry.

Consequently, when coming up with a name for their Forest Hill podiatrist centre (soon followed by a new branch at Ivanhoe), they needed something that reflected the nature of their methods more effectively.

Thus was born the Foot Posture Centre, a centre dedicated to fixing all kinds of foot problems using natural corrective methods.

Forest Hill Podiatry

Battling through their very own personal podiatric problems for years they, Claude and John, made important discoveries in their research that led to the development of their brilliant system of corrective therapy.

After they both became fully qualified in conventional podiatric treatments, they realised that foot orthotic devices did not correct poor foot posture. The orthotic was just a support, which in the long term was making the foot weaker. This then required a new bulkier orthotic to further support the foot. Realising that joints in the body all have nerve – muscle memory and that joint mobilisation was commonly used in Osteopathic, Chiropractic and Physiotherapy practice… they asked themselves where was it in Podiatric practice?

Claude and John discovered an alternative foot treatment for poor foot posture with no orthotic, no surgery and no drugs. This knowledge, when they applied it to themselves, affected a full recovery from their own painful sufferings.

Realising the enormous potential for helping others that would result from natural corrective podiatry, they opened their Foot Posture Centres to the public and have since helped thousands of people to be free of pain and independent from the use of expensive contraptions and medications. Read more…

Burwood Podiatry with a Difference

Foot Posture Centre provides natural corrective podiatry, in that it is natural and does not depend on orthotics, medication or drugs and uses non-invasive manual techniques. It is corrective in that it aims at maximising the function of the joint and it is podiatry in that pain in the feet and lower limb is addressed and fixed.

Often no orthotics, no surgery and no medication are required to address foot and leg conditions. This is achieved using manual therapies such foot mobilisation and corrective exercises. This alternative foot solution for treatment of conditions such as bunions, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, patella-femeral syndrome, hip and back pain has successfully been used for more than 15 years at the Foot Posture Centre.

Foot Mobilisation is a gentle precise pressure used to move (mobilise) bones, reduce joint restrictions and improve bone alignment and joint function.

Box Hill Podiatry you can Trust

Many believe that if they are born with flat feet or high arches that they will not have a problem in life. However, this is not always the case. Flat feet and high arches only become a problem when these foot joints are misaligned (subluxation). This joint misalignment puts stress on the muscles, ligaments and bones, eventually resulting in pain.

Joint misalignment (subluxation) is caused by strenuous activity, bad footwear, injury and falls, obesity and even genetics. This is why it is important to check the family to see if there is a genetic link and if they too have poor foot posture.

If you want to cure your pain, if you want to free yourself from dependence on expensive orthotic contraptions, if you want to reduce the possibility of surgery and that you must use expensive medications that could possibly have harmful side effects, you should visit our Foot Posture Centre as soon as possible.

The Centre of Excellence in Podiatry in Blackburn

As the name implies, Foot Posture Centres focus on the examination of the structure and posture of the foot to discover the root cause of a podiatric problem.

Then, where it is possible to effect a cure using these methods, manipulations and exercises are used to help reshape and correct the underlying problems that have resulted in the condition for which you are seeking treatment (in other cases, more conventional methods may have to be used, simply because the problems are too severe to treat this easily).

The result is usually a miraculous recovery, with patients soon able to resume a full and happy life, walking and even running freely, perhaps for the first time in their lives.

When there is a situation where the Foot Posture methods alone will not be enough to effect a rapid result, conventional techniques may still be necessary, but the goal in these situations is to reduce that dependency as much as possible, and hopefully to get things to a point where the treatment can be switched to Foot Posture methods or sometimes to use both methods simultaneously.

Forest Hill and Ringwood Podiatry

The Foot Posture Centre at Forest Hill is located at 99 Mahoneys Road, and you can call 9877 0056 to get more information or to book a consultation.

If you are suffering from chronic foot pain, if you’ve tried conventional podiatric treatments with unsatisfactory results, you owe it to yourself to give the Foot Posture methods a try.

You have nothing to lose if you’re looking for the best Surrey Hills Podiatry centre, and you’ve a whole lifetime of personal freedom and happiness to gain.

Once you have experienced the wonder of this breakthrough treatment system, you will doubt no more. But the only way to discover the veracity of it for yourself is to go ahead and give it a try.

Come to one of next FREE information evenings on the “Natural Solution for Sore feet!” or “Are Your Feet Fit?” and see for yourself if this treatment method is right for you. Call our centre today and book yourself in for the next workshop. Call 9877 0056 to register.

Read some of the success stories of people who took that action and are enjoying a more fulfilled, happier and higher quality of life because of it. Join them by making an appointment at our Foot Posture Centre today.

We also offer our Podiatry Services in Northern Suburbs.

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Take your first step, call or email us today to arrange an appointment.


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