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Ironically for podiatrists John and
Claude, both suffered from painful feet
and legs. Initially, they used the
standard skills they were trained with
and fitted themselves with foot orthotics.
In time, however, the orthotics simply
made the muscles in their feet lazy and
the relief slowly faded away, just as many
of their patients found. Surely, they
thought, there had to be an alternative to
the orthotics, drugs and painful surgery.

Ivanhoe Foot Posture Centre Podiatrists

Do you suffer from chronic foot pain? Do you want it to end, permanently, never to return? The solution could be a lot closer to hand than you think.

Podiatry in Northern Suburbs

You probably have already discovered the limitations of conventional podiatric treatments, and if you’re feeling frustrated due to the fact that, despite the best efforts of modern medicine, you still experience pain, you’ll be glad to know that there is an answer to your problem, but it lies—as you’ve no doubt already guessed—outside the scope of ordinary modern medicine.

To understand this concept, it will help to know something of the story of this profound new method of podiatric treatment. Well, it’s “new” in the sense that it is not widely known, but its foundation is based on ancient wisdom that dates back at least 4,000 years.

The story begins with two podiatrists, Claude Tobgui and John Sfinas, who are both fully qualified podiatrists looking for answers outside conventional medicine. Where the story probably differs from that of most podiatrists, however, is that they each were suffering from their own podiatric problems, and they had to endure the same problems that most patients do.

Their advantage was in being open to searching and understanding ancient joint mobilisation techniques that had been used thousands of years ago to help heal the body. Healing that took place with No Surgery, No Orthotics, and No Medication. having access to an incredible amount of resources for study and research, and they certainly didn’t waste this advantage.

It often bothered them as to why other health professionals like Osteopaths and Physiotherapists where using joint mobilisation to help heal the body. Yet in the podiatry profession, it was nowhere to be seen. Could it be possible that if you use foot mobilisation and ankle mobilisation on clients that they could actually feel better?

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As with most ancient remedies, this one had been largely swept aside by mainstream practitioners on the basis that it doesn’t involve selling foot orthotics or medications. Yet simply relies upon basic exercises and mobilisation/manipulation techniques to improve the posture and structure of the foot and lower limb, so that problems will be eliminated.

Most foot problems actually do stem from structural misalignments that have gradually come into existence due to poor foot posture, ill-fitting footwear, and forced unnatural gaits that put extra stress on the feet and the supporting tendons and muscles.

By fixing these postural and structural problems with simple exercises, the foot can be made well again and the pain can be banished. In fact in the majority of cases, it can be banished permanently, provided there is not a return to whatever gave rise to the condition in the first place.

If you’re trying to locate foot posture centres, you don’t need to search for phrases like ‘Ivanhoe Podiatry’, ‘Podiatrist Ivanhoe’, ‘Preston Podiatry’, ‘Podiatrist Preston’, and so on, because that’s just going to give you a whole list of results for all kinds of general podiatrists who don’t specialise in foot mobilisation.

You also wouldn’t search for ‘Heidelberg Podiatry’, ‘Podiatrist Heidelberg’, nor would you want to search for ‘Thornbury Podiatry’ or ‘Podiatrist Thornbury’. These search terms won’t reveal the secret either.

The place you are really seeking is right here.

The Best Podiatrist in Northern Suburbs

The Foot Posture Centre provides the highest standards of podiatry. Both the principle owners of our centre are qualified podiatrists and they have completed the full formal training required to provide any of a range of conventional podiatric treatments that any patient may be in need of.

It’s just that they have gone beyond that requirement and conducted additional training that has led to the development of their foot posture correction methods, and these methods have been used successfully over many years now to treat thousands of patients who have experienced positive results.

If you are currently not enjoying life to the full because of your chronic foot pain, you really owe it to yourself to explore the benefits that an alternative foot treatment could provide to you. No orthotics, no medication, and no surgery are required to solve your foot pain. There is nothing to fear, because these natural alternative foot treatments to orthotics are totally natural and safe, not involving frightening needles or electric shocks.

It’s just simple and non-invasive mobilisations of the feet and lower limbs to correct the postural problems that are causing your pain. With the application of easy exercises to keep your feet in good shape, you will experience less and less pain, and within a short time, your pain will most likely be gone for good.

Why would you deny yourself the opportunity to be rid of that terrible suffering even a moment longer? Imagine being able to freely walk or even run without a twinge of regret. That is the freedom that previous patients have been able to regain after successfully completing a course of treatment from the Foot Posture Centre at Ivanhoe.

Our treatments have been so successful and are so in demand that we’ve even opened another location at Forest Hill, and there could be more on the way. There is no doubt that for John and Claude this has been a great opportunity to help people in the community be free from orthotics and empower patients with the knowledge on how to improve the quality of life.

So if you would like to experience ‘Freedom from Orthotics’ and have the freedom to wear a whole variety of footwear, then for the very best podiatry in Rosanna and the best podiatry in Greensborough, this is now your opportunity to take advantage of their availability to treat your foot problems safely, naturally, and inexpensively. It is no more than a 10-minute drive from those locations to the Ivanhoe Podiatry Foot Posture Centre.

Really you should not delay a moment longer. Each day you wait allows your feet and legs to continue its downward spiral causing greater discomfort and reduced mobility. And before you know it, years have passed and it may be too late to correct or reverse the condition you are in. Life is short, and to not be able to enjoy the rest of your days in comfort and full enjoyment is a waste. So if you have been looking for an alternative to orthotics, then you have come to the right place and the solution is at hand and it is such a simple one.

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This is what we promise: bunion treatment without surgery, correction of plantar fasciitis without the need for orthotics, natural relief from chronic heel pain, shin splints treatment without orthotics, relief from knee pain without surgery, and an ability to educate you the client on how to manage your condition naturally with no orthotics, no surgery and no medication.

These natural podiatric treatments typically work with at least equal, and often better results, to any experienced form of conventional podiatric treatments, and in the rare exceptional cases where the foot posture methods would not be totally suitable as the method of treatment, all the conventional treatments are still available and the Foot Posture Centre can help you no matter what the situation may be.

So, whether you’re looking for a podiatrist in Greensborough or a podiatrist in Rosanna, we’re easily accessible to ensure that you get the treatment you need. The Ivanhoe Foot Posture Centre is located at 217 Upper Heidelberg Road, and you can call us on 9499 2006.

Come to one of next FREE information evenings on the “Natural Solutions for Sore feet!” or “Are Your Feet Fit?” and see for yourself if this treatment method is right for you. Call our centre today and book yourself in for the next workshop. Call 9877 0056 (Forest Hill) or 9499 2006 (Ivanhoe) to register.

Read some of the success stories of people who took that action and are enjoying a more fulfilled, happier and higher quality of life because of it. Join them by making an appointment at our Foot Posture Centre today.

We are also offering Podiatry in Forest Hill area and surrounding suburbs. If you are looking for Eastern Suburbs Podiatrists that can help you immediately book an appointment today.

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Take your first step, call or email us today to arrange an appointment.


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